Secman CLI Docker Image


this is a lightweight image for secman, you can just run

docker run -it smcr/secman-cli COMMAND


secman version

docker run -it smcr/secman-cli version

secman v5.3.73 (2021-08-09)
⣾ 🔍 Checking for updates...

secman help

docker run -it smcr/secman-cli help

Be 🔒, With Secman.

  secman <command> <subcommand> [flags]

  auth:       Login, logout, and refresh your authentication with github.
  clean:      Clean your ~/.secman (delete it).
  completion: generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  edit:       Change the password of a site in the vault.
  fetch:      Fetch if there is a new password/s in ~/.secman.
  find:       Find a site that contains the site-path.
  gen:        Generate a secure password.
  gh-config:  Manage configuration of github for secman.
  help:       Help about any command
  init:       Initialize your secman vault.
  insert:     Insert a file or password in to your vault.
  open:       Open Your Private Repo (:username/.secman).
  remove:     Remove a site from the password vault by specifying the entire site-path.
  rename:     Rename an entry in the password vault.
  repo:       Create, clone, fork, and view repositories.
  show:       Print the password of a secman entry.
  sync:       Sync Your Passwords.
  uninstall:  Uninstall Your Secman.
  upgrade:    Upgrade your secman if there's a new release.
  version:    Print the version of your secman binary.

      --help           Help for secman
  -t, --use-template   Clone the template of .secman

  secman insert new-password
  secman gen 15
  secman sync start
  secman find new-password 

  Use 'secman <command> <subcommand> --help' for more information about a command.
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  Open an issue at
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